Product information "Hygrostat FLZ600 UL,Changeover,40-90RH"

Hygrostats control electrical cabinet heaters or filterfans in regard to exceeding a pre-set relative humidity. Thus, the relative humidity is kept above the dew point and the condensation of water on electrical components and the corrosion of unprotected sheet metal is prevented. The electronic combination device unites thermostat and hygrostat in one housing.

The advantages of the series at a glance:

  • FLZ600: Changeover switch with spring contact
  • FLZ610: electronic combination device hygrostat/thermostat
  • Humidity control, all industrial applications
  • Particularly for environments with high air humidity
  • Protection against condensate before it develops
  • Easy installation on profile rails
  • Electrical connection via screw terminals
  • Approvals: cURus, EAC

Dimensions (H | W | D) mm: 60mm|37mm|47mm
ETIM-Class: EC004587
Setting temperature range °C: 0 °C ... +60 °C


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Manual FLZ 600 PDF 294.86 KB Download
Conformity_CE_085506660_Rev16_Oct20_FLZ_510_520_530_54x_600_610.pdf PDF 61.13 KB Download
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