Liquid Cooling for Process
and Machine Cooling

It’s about reliability, efficiency and long service life. Pfannenberg offers a
wide range of Liquid Cooling solutions matching various requirements.

Reliable Process Cooling

Pfannenberg offers the full range of products and support to help you creating and operating reliable and efficient liquid cooling solutions. Customized. Search here for Chiller solutions.

The use of Pfannenberg Air/Water Heat Exchangers is particularly suitable where ambient temperatures are high or the atmosphere proves to be particularly oily or aggressive. Search here for Air/Water Heat Exchangers.

6 Steps to choose the right Chiller

Liquid cooling is especially well adapted to hot, dirty environments, where it provides a method of removing the heat from the machine and not contributing additional heat back into the environment. Pfannenberg designed a 6-steps guide to help you select the proper chiller for your application.

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Our Top Sellers

Many of our products are regularly reordered by our customers. Find here an overview of our classics, which have proven to be very robust and reliable in many industries and applications:

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