Product information "Thermostat FLZ543 UL,N.O./N.O.,0-60C,"

Thermostats are used as temperature regulators and thus to control filterfans, electrical cabinet heaters or can serve as an alarm setpoint. They are available as N.C. / N.O. and changeover contacts. In combination with electrical cabinet heaters, they can control temperature and also, particularly in outdoor applications, ensure that the electrical cabinet is 'artificially' dehumidified. This means that the temperature is kept over the dew point so that no condensation forms from the air preventing a potential short circuit. The combination with filterfans provides additional savings on energy, maintenance time and therefore provides a better environmental balance which improves the filterfans effectiveness. The twin thermostat series combines two thermostats in all combinations for complex switching tasks.

Twin Thermostat FLZ543 with two N.O. with spring contact

  • Suitable for the operation of fans
  • Switching temperature difference <7K
  • Switching point tolerance +/- 4K
  • Temperature set range 0C to 60C

Thermostats for every application

  • FLZ510: Changeover switch with spring contact
  • FLZ520: N.C. with spring contact (suitable to control heaters)
  • FLZ530: N.O. with spring contact (suitable to control fans)
  • FLZ541: N.C. and N.O. with spring contact in one housing
  • FLZ542: N.C. and N.C. with spring contact in one housing
  • FLZ543: N.O. and N.O. with spring contact in one housing

The advantages of the series at a glance:

  • Is suitable for all industrial applications
  • No influence due to EM radiation, because a contact that switches mechanically is integrated
  • Extends the service life of heaters and fans
  • Optimized energy consumption for heaters and filterfans
  • Easy installation on profile rails
  • Electrical connection via screw terminals
  • IP 20 protection for installation inside the electrical cabinet
  • Approvals: cURus, EAC, CSA

Approvals: CE
Dimensions (H | W | D) mm: 80.5mm|59mm|38mm
ETIM-Class: EC004587
Max. switching power value in brackets: inductive load at cos φ = 0.6: 240 V AC / 10 (2) A; 120 V AC / 15 (2) A
Type of contact: N.O./N.O. with spring contact
Weight kg: 90 g
Switching temperature difference K: < 7 K
Switching point tolerance K: ±4 K
Setting temperature range °C: 0 °C ... +60 °C
Operating temperature °C: –40 … +80 °C
Suitable operation: fan
Probe type: bimetal
Type of connection: screw terminal for cable cross-section 0.5 to 2.5 mm²
Colour: RAL 7035


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Manual FLZ 520/530 54x PDF 417.59 KB Download
Conformity_CE_085506660_Rev16_Oct20_FLZ_510_520_530_54x_600_610.pdf PDF 61.13 KB Download
Conformity_UKCA_085507003_Rev00_Sep21_FLZ_510_520_530_54x_600_610.pdf PDF 33.81 KB Download