Small devices with big impact

Combined with heaters and/or filterfans, they monitor, control and steer temperatures of electrical enclosures.

Thermostats are used to control the temperature of cabinets.
Thermostats are used as temperature controllers. They can switch filter fans or heaters to regulate the temperature in cabinets. Twin thermostats are switching devices in different temperature ranges, they require less space than two single devices.

 Hygrostats turn on cabinet heaters or filter fans when a preset relative humidity is exceeded.
Relative humidity is maintained above the dew point, preventing water condensation on electrical components and corrosion of unprotected sheet metal.
Combined hygrostats/thermostats ensure that the temperature in the control cabinet is always correct and that condensation cannot form. This electronic combination device thus combines a thermostat and hygrostat in one housing and simultaneously monitors relative humidity and temperature independently of each other.

Completing your application

These devices complete the Pfannenberg product portfolio for thermal management of electrical enclosures. Search for your right solution: